Since 2000 ΜΣΜ Consulting is providing high quality services based on commitment and consistency, but most of all on the abilities of our engineers

We are an engineering consultancy providing high quality services in transport systems design and sustainable development projects. Working across multiple sectors, always based on an in-depth approach and the use of up-to-date innovative tools.

Commitment, consistency and high quality services provision establish long term business relationships. Our high standards and enthusiasm are valued by our clients and give us the reputation we are proud of.

Company’s structure is well organised in order to perform the most difficult tasks within our fields of expertise. ΜΣΜ Consulting team consists of engineers with skills in a variety of transport, environment, social economic, etc. aspects.

Fields of Expertise

ΜΣΜ CONSULTING is an engineering design consultancy, founded in Athens at the beginning of 2000, in the fields of:

  • Transportation Infrastructure Design (i.e. Highways, Junctions, Interchanges, Railways, Parking lots, Bicycle roads, etc)
  • Traffic and Parking Management (i.e. Sustainable Mobility Plans-SUMPs, Traffic and Parking Management Studies for large and medium scale cities, Airport, Port, Rail and Bus Terminals, Public Transport Studies, Sustainable Mobility Plans, Controlled Parking Systems, Signing Studies, Road Restraint Systems, etc)
  • Environmental Studies (Environmental Impact Assessment Studies for Transport Infrastructure, Regional Plans, Water and Waste Management, etc)
  • Cost Benefit Analysis/ Feasibility Studies
  • Project Management
  • Research and European Programmes

Our Certifications

ΜΣΜ CONSULTING is a Holder of Consultant Certificate in the fields of:

  • Transportation
    Class D
  • Environment
    Class C
  • Survey
    Class C
  • Architecture
    Class B

ΜΣΜ CONSULTING is a Holder of ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015.

Our Team

  • Theodoros Mavrogeorgis
    Managing Director,
    Civil Engineer NTUA,
    Transportation Engineer MSc (Eng), MSc (Fin)
  • Anna Mavrogeorgis
    Head of Traffic Studies Team,
    Civil Engineer City Uni. of London,
    Transportation Engineer, MSc (Eng)
  • Metaxia Smaili
    Head of Transportation Infrastructure Design Studies Team,
    Survey and Rural Engineer NTUA,
    Transportation Engineer MSc (Eng)
  • Olga Reitzopoulou
    Head of Environmental Impact Assessment Studies Team,
    Civil Engineer NTUA

Commitment to quality, consistency, cost efficiency & adaptation of the latest research tools

All kind of projects execution has been always met contractual obligations and clients’ expectations.

Our experts in highway & railway design, transport infrastructure, traffic engineering, advanced transport telematics, transport planning & modelling, feasibility & cost benefit analysis and environmental impact assessment, work with public authorities and private sector across all stages of projects and systems lifecycle to provide ultimate solutions in terms of quality and cost efficiency within a certain time framework.

We work with major private companies, ministries, local and regional authorities

We develop and support successful relationships with our clients through collaboration and being honest, flexible and responsive in our approach. Our high standards and passion are valued by our clients and core to all that we do.

A selection of the clients includes: Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Hellenic Railway Organisation, Piraeus Port Authority/ COSCO, Athens International Airport, number of Greek municipalities and prefectures, Athens Public Transport Authority, Egnatia Odos SA, etc.